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    Bruce Bell of Bruce Bell Media (BBM) has been in the photography business since 2002. His work is a favorite in the Houston African community. He has photographed famous visiting actors, musicians, and dignitaries. He is a noted fashion photographer, and has done some work for Rap-A-Lot Records. One of his greatest contributions to the African American community is his work at the NAACP Theater Awards.

    Bruce Bell sees beauty in everything regardless of the perspective of the world around him. It contributes to the excellence you see in his photographic artistry. His compassion for people and sharing the beauty of who they are is evident in this photo memoir, In Search of the Authentic Lisa A. Thomas.

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    A Portrait of Lisa A. Thomas


    Lisa was born in Beaumont, Texas on August 31, 1966 to Walter and LouAnna Thomas. She is number six of seven children, two boys and four girls. As a child, Lisa was ambitious, thrifty, and entrepreneurial, and a Daddy’s girl. She was super observant, watching and learning from her dynamic environment. Her ambitious nature fostered her independence, so she sought to be financially secure at an early age. She would follow her father around the city performing various jobs and later taunt her siblings with her earnings. This child became an adventurous young lady and sought the kind of life that was modeled before her by her parents and older siblings.


    First came marriage and a baby carriage. Unfortunately, the marriage came to an abrupt end during its first year and she found herself on the other side of divorce, pregnant and alone.


    Being alone and pregnant is a challenge all by itself, but the baby was born with cerebral palsy. Other young women would have totally given up on life and having a bright future, but Lisa found her way past the pain and disappointment and made a lifelong promise to her daughter, Dione that she would never desert her. She has made it her aim to become more than a mom to Dione. She has become her advocate, protector, friend, and fairy God mother. Lisa has made a life of unthinkable accomplishments readily available for her daughter.


    In her struggle to find herself amidst all of these challenges, she decided to search for her true identity. Her journey to self-discovery included another attempt at marriage to the same guy. Yet, it didn’t work out again.


    Life’s challenges have shaped her and made her a pleasant mystery. She is a gift to so many people in the disabilities arena, a legendary enigma to some, and a multi-faceted diamond to others. Today we find Lisa in the midst of her journey to true authenticity. This photographic timeline gives you the opportunity to join her in this incredible adventure.

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    In Search of the Authentic Lisa A. Thomas - For Shipping

    In Search of the Authentic Lisa A. Thomas - For Shipping

    A Portrait of Lisa A. Thomas - A Photographic Timeline by Bruce Bell
    Life’s challenges have shaped Lisa A. Thomas and molded her into a mystery. An enigma to some, and a multi-faceted diamond to others. Yet, she has made it her aim to be a gift to so many people. In this photo-centered table book photographed by Bruce Bell, you will view one woman's story of her search for true authenticity. She hopes that you just might find the courage to also find yourself in this photographic timeline of her transition.

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    In Search of the Authentic Lisa A. Thomas - For Pickup

    In Search of the Authentic Lisa A. Thomas - For Pickup

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